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         150L sammler hot water system


CmaC power Solutions supplies and installs various types of solar hot water systems in South Africa.

We do also supply systems to the rest of africa, however.

Solar Hot Water Systems come in a number of different configurations, shapes and sizes all for the the express purpose of using the suns' energy to heat water.


Basic Thermosyphon System:    powerz-on brochure      sammler brochure

In their most basic state, the thermosyphon systems are installed complete with tank as well as panels on the roof. This is the most efficient and cost effective installation and is necessary to allow the natural thermosyphonic action to take place.

Split System:     alt-e brochure       

 In some cases there is a requirement for the tank to be hidden from view, (inside  the roof). This is what is called a split or pumped system. Because the tank is no longer higher than the panels, the natural thermosyphonic action cannot take place. We therefore install a thermostatically contolled pump to allow the system to work. This type of system is obviously more complicated and slightly more expensive than the basic roof installation.

Retrofit System:          powerz-on brochure

Another term for retrofit system is - ACTIVE GEYSER CONVERSION KIT. It means what it says- we can convert your existing geyser to a solar geyser. This system is not quite as efficient as a thermosyphon system but is nevertheless effective and will save you money. There are some pitfalls, however. - The age of your existing geyser, life expectancy of the system as a whole and availability of rebates, etc - so when possible - we recommend the basic thermosyphon system.

Our 150L retrofit system requires that the existing geyser is a Kwikot 150L

Low pressure Systems:         ini solar brochure

Cost effective systems for smaller installations and requirements.


We supply all of the above and more. Please contact us for a free evaluation and quote


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